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corona_max asked 10 months ago PPU : 5

How can I rank my content of my website higher in the Google search. Can anybody give good tips to rank content within the Google search higher?

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willisupportz answered 10 months ago

https/ssl: It is of uttermost importance that your site supports SSL. You can choose a free provider like Let’s encrypt for it.

Pagespeed: You need to improve the page speed of your website. Page speed is a very important ranking signal for Google. You can check the page speed of your website with Google Pagespeed Insights or with and follow the tipps to improve the pagespeed.

Server stability / downtime: Google does not like building sites under construction which have a lot of downtime. You should offer a stable and robust solution to the customers.

Backlinks / trust rank: You should build up a strong backlink profile. If trusted and popular websites link to your website it will be better.

Meta-tag: You should describe your website and content pages in the meta description with all relevant keywords.

Title-Tag: The title tag should contain the most relevant keywords for your website.

Domain name / url: The domain name should be short and easy to remember.

H1 title: You should have a h1 title on your website. The H1 title should also contain some of the most relevant keywords.

Main content above the fold: The main information should be placed in the visible screen of the website. Hidden content is an absolute tabu as this might lead to an penalty for your website. The most relevant informaton on the website should be placed on the most prominent place on the website so that people understand fast what it is all about.

Long text / good information / good formated: You should provide good valueable information that impresses its readers. The readability should be good and it should come with some good matching pictures so that users get good information that are userfriendly to read.

Good fitting pictures: Google can also understand in many cases the pictures. This means that it matters what kind of pictures you show on the website.

Frequenz of content posts: You should provide good content on a regular basis. Google appreciates regular updates.

Internal links: You should also build a good internal link structur. You can link to good information given on your website to enhance the information quality for your content.

External links / no bad links: The link quality ist very important. Bad links to your website from untrusted websites can have a negative effect on your ranking.

Anker text of links: The anker test of your backlinks should contain some relevant keywords.

Domain age: Newly registered domains rank not this good as old trustful domains.

Mobile friendly: Today the Google mobile ranking is even more important than the desktop ranking. You will even improve your desktop ranking if you offer a mobile friendly fast website.

Exclusive content: If you will provide content not available on many other different sources you will have a big advantage when it comes to search engine ranking. This should be clear!.

Legal information / contact: You should provide a legal notice and contact information on your website. You should also not do any illegal things on your website in any way. If Googles algorithmn detects some illegal activity happening on your website it may exclude you from their index or put some penalty which leads to a bad page ranking in the Google search index.

Good sitemap: You should provide a good sitemap for your website. This may help the Google bot to crawl and find your content better.

robots.txt not excluding wrong things: You should take care not to set up the robots.txt in a wrong way. The robots.txt provide important information for the crawl bots.

No broken links: The links on your webite should always lead to a valid source. Broken links leading to nowhere might downgrade your ranking within Google.

No dublicate content: You should always provide unique content. Copied content from other websites will not rank in Google good and may also decrease your page trust.