I need help – My WordPress website got hacked

Server Administration ForumI need help – My WordPress website got hacked
corona_max asked 9 months ago PPU : 6

I got a security warning from Google Search Console that malware has been detected on my website. What can I do now?

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ranandstimpy answered 9 months ago

You should install one of those security plugins for WordPress such as Sucury Security, WordFence, IThemes Security, Malcare Security, All-in-One Security and many more. Many of these plugins offer a cost free malware scanner. If you run the scanner you will find which file got altered and you can also find uploaded malware.

Many of these security plugins offer also some professional cleanup service like WordFence or Sucuri Security. You can ask them to clean up your site and to close the security gaps for you. This is not this expensive and very helpful.

Furthermore you should update your servers and the WordPress core plus all plugins every day on a live website so that noone can use existing and public known vulnerabilities to breach into your website.

Additionally to this you should enable 2fa for all access points to your systems. These things alone prevent you from a lot of stress as most hackers only target weakly secured websites.

Anita Basa
replied 9 months ago