What is the best server monitoring tool for Linux Ubuntu?

Server Administration ForumWhat is the best server monitoring tool for Linux Ubuntu?
corona_max asked 3 weeks ago PPU : 9

I search for a secure and well functioning tool to monitor the health of my server cluster. Is there any good tool out there?

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ranandstimpy answered 3 weeks ago

Please check here At webprog24.com you will find the most complete article about server monitoring tool.
I personally use Munin. Thats a fantastic tool.

The free software Munin is a tool for monitoring computers in a computer network with status and process visualization. A central computer, the demanding “master”, the performance of the computer processed in the network, the “nodes”, saves these and the data graphically using a web interface. The storage of the measured values ​​helps with the help of RRDtool.

In this way, a visualization of the performance data is obtained, which allows a comparison of the data with the data of other computers and data from the past (usually for a maximum of about 400 days). The data accuracy of the historical values ​​with their age were age, so that the complete database has a constant amount. Because of this data, the data of the last day is available with a resolution of 5 minutes, the data of the last week with a solution of 30 minutes, the data of the last month with a solution of 2 hours and the data of the last year with a solution of one day.