Which websites do you recommend to know as a web developer?

Server Administration ForumWhich websites do you recommend to know as a web developer?
ranandstimpy asked 9 months ago PPU : 6

I would like to get some tips about websites or services I should definitively know to becoome a successful web developer.

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corona_max answered 9 months ago

https://wordpress.com/ – CMS System

https://www.drupal.com/ – CMS System

https://www.joomla.org/ – CMS System

https://notepad-plus-plus.org/ – Code editor

https://about.gitlab.com/ – Version Control

https://github.com/ – Version Control

https://www.upwork.com/ – Freelancer Marketplace

https://www.freelancer.com/ – Freelancer Marketplace

https://stackoverflow.com/ – Help Forum

https://coresonfire.com/ – Help Forum

https://www.webprog24.com/ – Help Forum

https://www.youtube.com/ – Learn Videos (Marketing, Coding, Server Adminstration)

https://www.udemy.com/ – Premium Online Courses

With these few websites you will be able to build an successful online website. You can learn all the required fields all alone to do all out of one hand or you can hire freelancers to seek help for the more advanced issues arrising meanwhile creating a technical perfect website and bringing it into market. You need to cover these fields for sure:

1.CMS System – How to use a CMC System

2.Server adminstration – How to administer a server

3.Coding or hiring – You can lear to code or to hire a coder. Without learning the basics hiring will be very difficult.

4.Marketing – You can watch YouTube Videos or you can book udemy courses to understand the different aspects of marketing. You can also hire marketing experts to get help to promote your website

Anita Basa
replied 9 months ago