Why does WordPress not crop profile pictures?

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corona_max asked 10 months ago PPU : 5

I use simple WordPress with some plugins installed. As WordPress is the largest CMS of the world I wonder why they have some very ineffcient profile picture management. The profile pictures show in my dpqa question and answer plugin in questions as well as in answers and also on profile pictures. Normally its not needed to show an uncroped picture in the different places as its sometimes only needed as a very small version which has only a very small datasize when croped before corectly. Instead of this WordPress or the dpqa plugin only resizes the picture. The pictures are viewed fully unscaled. Thats very slow when it comes to page speed.

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willisupportz answered 10 months ago

That is a problem of the theme you use. They dont care about the pagespeed. That’s why they use the default croping method of WordPress.

And this does not match with the theme requirements.

WordPress crops each uploaded picture per default in 3 different sizes:

Thumbnail: 150 x 150

Medium: 300 x 300

Large: 1024 x 1024

Good themes add new required sizes in the functions.php per default. If this is not happening you can add these sizes into the functions.ph per code.

add_image_size($name, $width, $height, $crop);