WordPress vs Drupal

willisupportz asked 10 months ago PPU : 5

What is the better CMS system to develop a website?

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corona_max answered 10 months ago

I used many years Drupal as my favorite plattform to realize websites. Drupal is very flexible when it come to develop complex projects. Even though I always felt as the underdog who is forced by moral to use not the mainstream things like WordPress I switched to WordPress.

The reason is simple: When it comes to core updates, plugin installs and other maintainance issues WordPress is much more comfortable.

I have for example developed a job bard with Drupal 6. I coded very hard to accomplish the plattform. This took massive time. The problem is that now Drupal 8 is state of the art and I need to update the system. Most of the used plugins are not compatible anymore. So I need to build my complete website from zero again. Thats simply not good. You will loose a lot of time by this and maybe this breaks your business into peaces.

I use now WordPress since 2 years and core updates are pretty easy by click from the admin area. You can also search the repo directly in the admin area to install new plugins. Updating the plugins is also very simple. Thats all very comfortable.

WordPress has also some great plugins when it comes to security. Plugins like WordFence or All In One Security dont leave any wishes open. Thats very comfortable and not this time consuming.

For me WordPress is the CMS system of my choice. I can recommend this system to everybody from expert to beginner. You can realize almost everything with WordPress at ease.